February 9, 2023

Waterboarding is often known as “water torture.” Guarantee you understand how to outlive waterboarding if you end up on this state of affairs. Take a look at our waterboarding survival ideas.

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Find out how to Survive Waterboarding | Every little thing You Must Know

What Is Waterboarding?

Person Wrapped in a Wet Cloth | How to Survive Waterboarding

Waterboarding is a technique of torture to simulate the sensation of drowning.


On this brutal follow, your captors will cowl your face with a material. Then, pour water over your mouth and nostril, making a drowning sensation.

Waterboarding is a controversial topic, because it has develop into a way to interrogate. So if you end up on this state of affairs, somebody might need to get essential info from you.

What Occurs throughout Waterboarding?

Man Being Punished with Cruel Interrogation Technique of Waterboarding | How to Survive Waterboarding

First, your torturers will blindfold you so that you just gained’t know your environment. Then, they’ll tie your legs and arms to a chair to restrain your physique from transferring.

There may additionally be some people in your aspect to make sure that you stay nonetheless. Moreover, somebody will seemingly maintain your head in order that your mouth is going through the ceiling.

However your captors can nonetheless waterboard you on the bottom, on a desk, and even the wrong way up! In any case, material and water are all it takes for waterboarding.

As soon as your torturers have secured you in your place, they’ll interrogate you. They may even say that that is your final likelihood to reveal crucial info. It’s then your choice whether or not to leak info or to withstand fully.

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Then, your captors will put a material that may cowl your whole face. You’ll be able to nonetheless breathe by means of this material whether it is dry.

However, as soon as they pour water and the fabric turns into moist, water will seep by means of it and enter your mouth and throat. You’ll inhale fluids since water can even undergo your nostrils and sinuses.

Your physique will then ship a sign, which may trigger you to panic, making you’re feeling like drowning.

The torturers will carry the fabric away out of your face for a couple of seconds so you may breathe. However after you are taking a couple of breaths, they’ll repeat the method time and again.

In different variations, captors place plastic over their captive’s mouth and nostril. Then pour water.

The benefit of this waterboarding is that the water doesn’t enter your physique. However due to the plastic, you possibly can suffocate, which mimics the sensation of drowning.

What Results Does Waterboarding Have?

Man Feeling Depressed and Desperate | How to Survive Waterboarding

Waterboarding may cause excessive bodily, emotional, and psychological stress.

Its results can differ from one particular person to a different.

For example, waterboarding can put you at the next danger of a coronary heart assault.

Since your physique doesn’t get sufficient oxygen, your organs can deteriorate. Your mind and lungs can get broken, and your bones may break.

You may even die if the captors wouldn’t allow you to breathe for a few minutes.

You could die from asphyxia or dry drowning in the event that they pour water with out interruption.

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You may get by means of waterboarding, however survival may entail long-term.

You may expertise post-traumatic stress and even have nightmares for months or years.

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Find out how to Survive Waterboarding?

1. Be Mentally Ready

Man Looking at the Sunrise | How to Survive Waterboarding

Making ready your thoughts is without doubt one of the finest issues to organize for and survive waterboarding.

Perceive the menace and what might happen in such a state of affairs.

Count on to expertise a excessive stage of psychological ache and struggling when captured.

Fill your self with braveness and willpower so you may survive the torture.

2. Exhale Sharply

Relaxed Millennial 30s Man Enjoying Break at Home | How to Survive Waterboarding

Exhale by means of your nostril earlier than inhaling. Do that rapidly with power every time the torturers cease pouring water over your face.

This technique can push fluids away out of your face so you may inhale air correctly. Sure, you may nonetheless breathe in some water, however you will get some air whereas being tortured.

However, this technique would solely work in case you stop your self from panicking.

3. Inform Misleading Statements

Man in Handcuffs | How to Survive Waterboarding

Do not forget that torturers will arrest you for a cause – to get vital info from you. So reveal sufficient particulars to deceive your captors.

Give them one thing, even when it’s a half-truth. However don’t give away that piece of data.

Reply to their questions with out divulging important info.

This strategy could make your torturers suppose that you just need to cooperate. However, it additionally provides you extra likelihood to breathe and never be waterboarded.

However, needless to say this course of requires focus so that you just gained’t go into panic mode. So, mentally put together your self beforehand for this plan of action to be efficient.

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4. Take Preventive Measures

Instructor Demonstrates Self-Defense Techniques | How to Survive Waterboarding

The perfect factor you are able to do to make it by means of torture is to keep away from abduction within the first place.

Should you can stop getting caught, you don’t have to fret about what to do to outlive waterboarding.

Some methods that can assist you evade seize are to:

  • Safe your own home. Put money into door locks and residential safety programs to maintain you and your own home protected.
  • Discover your environment: Having situational consciousness could make you a troublesome goal.
  • Train your self self-defense: This might help you defend your self towards bodily assaults.
  • Don’t be so predictable. If there are locations and routes you cross by means of every day, it’s simpler for the captors to foresee your subsequent transfer. So attempt to be extra spontaneous and take completely different paths once in a while.
  • Carry private protection gear. Gadgets, equivalent to a stun gun, can disable your attacker so you may escape a harmful state of affairs.

Take a look at this video by Nimblebot Digital Media Companies as they carry out their model of waterboarding:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Qaz_2rF44]

Being mentally ready is without doubt one of the finest methods the best way to survive waterboarding. So concentrate on your environment, and keep away from captivity within the first place.

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