February 9, 2023

Figuring out methods to survive a Komodo dragon assault may also help save your life. However encountering these dragons could be terrifying. They’re the world’s most big, potent, and harmful lizards. Learn on to learn to survive a Komodo dragon assault.

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How one can Survive a Komodo Dragon Assault: Your Final Survival Information

What Are Komodo Dragons?

The Komodo Dragon Stands on its Hind Legs | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Komodo dragons are a sort of lizard which have strong muscle groups and shark-like enamel. They’re the heaviest and most big lizards on Earth.

Grownup Komodo dragons can weigh greater than people, as they will tip the dimensions round 150 to 200 kilos. They may also be longer than a median individual, as a male Komodo dragon can stand 8.5 toes tall!

It’s possible you’ll discover Komodo dragons in Indonesia. They dwell on 5 islands within the southeastern a part of the nation:

Komodo dragons at the moment are listed as endangered since solely lower than 1,400 grownup dragons stay on the earth.

How one can Survive a Komodo Dragon Assault?

1. Be a part of a Group

Tourists in Komodo National Park on Rinca Island | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

When a Komodo dragon hunts, it seems for a straightforward goal–one that’s alone. So if you go on a tour to see these heavy lizards, be sure you stick with different people or together with your group on a regular basis.

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If you happen to plan to go to Komodo Nationwide Park, chances are you’ll request a park ranger or be a part of a bunch tour.

Keep in mind–the extra in your group, the lesser the hazards of a Komodo dragon assault.

2. Keep On the Designated Path

The Path and the Tourists at the Entrance to Komodo National Park | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Keep on the park’s designated strolling paths. Official trekking areas are inclined to have excessive foot visitors, which Komodo dragons keep away from.

Staying alongside the trekking path places you in a safer place.

Additionally, individuals may also help you in case of a Komodo dragon assault since you might be with park rangers and different vacationers.

Needless to say these creatures conceal in bushes. In case you are in a harmful space and don’t discover them, they are going to seemingly assault you.

3. Preserve Secure Distance

 A Man Stands with a Group of People | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Being too near Komodo dragons will make them really feel intimidated and frightened. In impact, they may strike you. So hold your distance, and don’t even try to go close to them.

It’s possible you’ll view the Komodo dragons from afar. However hold a respectful distance and keep away from getting their consideration.

4. Keep away from Making Sudden Actions

Komodo Dragons in Indonesia | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Even in case you are removed from the Komodo dragons, transfer intentionally, steadily, and slowly.

Fast actions can disturb Komodo dragons and stimulate a response from them.

Noises and actions could make them defensive and set off their looking instincts. So attempt to be nonetheless or take calculated footsteps if you don’t want to ignite an assault.

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5. Do Not Entice Consideration to Your self

Woman Posing with Gigantic Venomous Komodo Dragon | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Do you know that Komodo dragons have a powerful sense of scent? So keep away from sporting intense perfumes when visiting these mighty lizards. Don’t even try to put a cologne in your bag.

Moreover, forestall your self from getting accidents, because the Komodo dragons can scent blood.

The scent of blood triggers them to assault and assume it comes from a possible sufferer. So if in case you have open wounds or a interval, keep away from going close to the dragons.

6. Do a Zig-Zag Run

The Komodo Dragon Runs Along the Ground | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If an aggressive dragon runs after you, do your finest to outrun it.

Komodo dragons can run as much as 13 miles per hour. Sure, that may be a bit quick. However the excellent news is that they can’t run that quick for lengthy.

So the important thing to surviving a Komodo dragon assault is to maintain operating. If you happen to can’t run quick, don’t worry! The dragon may get near you, however you may nonetheless outrun it should you give the whole lot you’ve acquired.

Komodo dragons solely run in a straight sample. Altering instructions is difficult for them. Doing a zig-zag run backwards and forwards will make it arduous for them to chase you and cease them.

7. Climb the Stairs

Multigeneration Family Climbing Outdoor Wooden Platform | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If you happen to see huts or stilt homes with stairs, use the steps and stay there till the dragons move by. Komodo dragons have no idea methods to stroll up the steps, so you might be protected should you keep on a better flooring.

However, don’t attempt to get away by climbing a tree. Younger Komodo dragons dwell in timber to maintain themselves protected from predators. So chances are you’ll survive an assault from an grownup dragon, however you may get in hassle with a child Komodo by staying up in a tree.

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8. Beat It Off

Komodo Dragons and Ranger of Komodo National Park | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If a Komodo dragon assaults you, use your power to battle it off.

However, its scales are armor-like, so it won’t really feel something should you punch or hit its physique. So use a rock or a tree department as an alternative to ward it off. Goal its mouth, eyes, or nostrils, particularly should you discover that it’s about to chew you.

9. Search Rapid Medical Consideration

First Aid Doctor Is Treating a Patient | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If a Komodo bites you, calling for assist should be your primary precedence. It doesn’t matter if the chew is large or small. As Komodo dragons have venomous and deadly bites, don’t waste your time.

Komodo dragon bites can result in blood thinning and poisoning, making you bleed for one to 2 days. So the sooner you get medical consideration, the upper your possibilities of survival.

Take a look at this video by Komodo Labok to see how a Komodo dragon hunts a buffalo:

Since 1974, greater than 30 individuals deaths resulting from Komodo dragons in Komodo Nationwide Park, 5 deadly. So in case you are planning to see these lethal lizards, comply with these tricks to keep protected and survive.

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Do you may have every other survival ideas for surviving a Komodo dragon assault? How do you keep away from it within the first place? Please share your ideas with us within the feedback part under!

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